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Recovering oranges with yellowing, curling leaves and weak roots in Nghe An province

Dare to do what others do not dare to do, dare to commit to something that not everyone dares to accept, that is because we are confident in the quality of the product, confident in the effect it will bring to the farmers.

Currently, nearly 2 hectares with more than 700 orange trees in Yen Thanh are falling into a state of slightly yellow leaves, curly leaves, mild pests, and weak roots.

To find a way to restore orange orchards, in February 2023, Yen Thanh Cooperative cooperated with Tenabio Viet Duc Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to implement a model of orange tree restoration with 0.7 hectares of experimental and 0.7 hectares of control to Test and evaluate the results within 3 months.

How to do it: simultaneously use PGP foliar fertilizer and Tenabio RB fertilizer, apply 3 times:

+ 1st time: Pre-flowering period: helps to restore and increase plant health, detoxifies the soil for the garden, stimulates plant differentiation of flower buds, flowers bloom evenly and concentratedly, limiting physiological flower shedding, increasing resistance to pests.

+ 2nd time: Small fruit period (after falling off petals): helps limit physiological fruit loss, creating conditions for good fruit development in the early stages, regular fruit, avoiding deformities.

+ 3rd time: During the growing fruit period, spray 1-2 times: to help the fruit grow evenly, the quality of the fruit increases the brix level, helping the oranges stay succulent and fresh longer after harvest.

Mix fertilizer Tenabio RB into water at the rate of 0.5%; Mix 1 liter of RB for 200 liters of water and water evenly around the base.

Mix 3 kg of Plantagreenpower PGP foliar fertilizer with clean water at the rate of 0.3-0.4%. Mix 1kg for 260-330 liters of water and use a misting device, spray the solution evenly on leaves and fruits in the early morning or late afternoon.



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