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Support for PR - Marketing
- TENABIO introduces customers in the region
- Support for design and logo, card and sign design (this cost will be agreed specifically for each agent).
- Information about the Agent will be advertised on the mass media and on TENABIO's websites.
- Agents are provided with information about prices, goods and Company policies, marketing programs, sales promotion documents.
- Dealers will be able to borrow goods to display samples, test for new product lines launched on the market or when the agent opens/opens a new business location. Please contact the Company directly in advance when the Agent has needs.
Technical Support – Solution
- TENABIO provides technical support by phone, email, or on-site technical support when required.
- Agents are trained and trained according to the program, according to the dealer level corresponding to each product, technology and sales knowledge under the program of Tenabio Company when there is a program.


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