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PGP foliar fertilizer - from Germany to Luc Ngan

Luc Ngan is a district in Bac Giang province famous throughout the country for its lychee specialty that no other land has. Luc Ngan litchi when ripe has bright red color, small seeds, thick pulp, sweet and rich in nutrients. The lychees here are larger and have a distinctive flavor that is different from those in other regions. Luc Ngan litchi is not only famous in the country but also present in many countries around the world such as China, Thailand, USA, Australia and many other countries.

With the orientation of producing clean lychee fruit, meeting all the criteria for export to foreign markets, on August 16, 2022, the Bac Giang Farmers Support Center coordinated with the Farmers' Association of Luc Ngan District and Co., Ltd. Tenabio Viet Duc biotechnology held a conference to deploy models and provide technical training on the use of foliar fertilizer Plantagreenpower (PGP) on lychee trees in Luc Ngan district for people in Phi Dien commune, Luc Ngan district.

Technical staff of Tenabio Viet Duc Biotechnology Co., Ltd. provides technical guidance on the use of foliar fertilizer Plantagreenpower (PGP) for households participating in the model.

Plantagreenpower (PGP) foliar fertilizer is imported from the Federal Republic of Germany, providing nutrients in the form of charged micro-particles (under the high-tech effect of German scientists) to help enhance the process. synthesize organic matter in plants, effectively and safely increase yield and quality of agricultural products.

The model will be piloted in Luc Ngan district from August 2022 to August 2024 with a scale of 2.1 ha of lychee in Phi Dien commune (Luc Ngan).

At the conference, more than 50 delegates who are members of the district council and participating households in the pilot model were disseminated knowledge on dosage and use of foliar fertilizer for lychee; guide, test and monitor the model; benchmarking criteria.

Delegates in the lychee model were cared for with foliar fertilizer Plantagreenpower (PGP).

The implementation of the demonstration model aims to change people's perception of the influence of foliar fertilizer use on productivity, output as well as quality of agricultural products.

Proper use of foliar fertilizers contributes to economic efficiency, increases income for agricultural producers, and at the same time saves input costs and protects the environment.

Foliar fertilizer Plantagreenpower (PGP) is a high-tech product, imported directly from Germany and has been licensed by the Plant Protection Department - Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Using PGP helps to increase yield and quality of agricultural products, reduces the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides, increases the resistance of plants to adverse conditions and is certified for use in organic farming. by FiBL - Organic Research Institute (Switzerland). Using PGP benefits both the grower, the crop, the soil and the environment.

Source: Kinh-te/389272/huong-dan-su-dung-phan-bon-la-huu-co-tren-vai-thieu.html

The Bac Giang Newsletter reported on the conference:



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