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Location: Van Phuc Yen village, Muong Thai commune, Phu Yen, Son La

Time: Feb 2021- Dec 2021

Varieties: Local Oranges

Total area: 1.2ha; 0.5ha of using PGP and 0.7ha of control

Foliar fertilizer Plantagreenpower PGP is sprayed 3 times at the following times:

- 1st spray: After harvesting

- 2nd spray: When the plant is dividing flower buds

- 3rd spray: When the fruit is the size of little finger

The garden was completely restored when using PGP Foliar Fertilizer.

Evaluation of plant growth and development, quality of fruits:

PGP group

Control group

Leaf color

​Dark green, thick and glossy, leaf plate larger than control.

Both stems and roots show strong signs of recovery.

light green and thin, with signs of yellowing of leaves and weak plants.

Quality of fruits

With the area using PGP foliar fertilizer, the fruit was greener, fresher, more uniform and more beautiful than the control, the young fruit was less likely to fall.

Sweetness: 16 Brix

The fruit has thick and dry skin.

Sweetness: 13.5 Brix

1. Sensory evaluation: plants grow well, trees have dark green, thick and glossy leaves until harvest; uniformly developed fruit, glossy skin, more beautiful than the control (light green leaf color, signs of yellow leaves)

2. Harvested fruit quality: beautiful appearance, succulent fruit, sweeter than the control (high percentage of young fruit, thick and dry skin; only half ripe fruit)

3. Sweetness: measure Brix at random: 16 in PGP garden, 13.5 . in control

4. Actual yield: the average yield of the PGP group was 6578 tons/ha, the control group was 5295 tons/ha.



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