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Technology determines labor productivity and production efficiency. CNC application is necessary to help livestock with high productivity, low product cost, thereby meeting the increasing demand for food of animal origin of society, can join the value chain. globally (by meeting the requirements of supply as well as product quality as required by the market and being traceable), increasing added value for crop products (used for animal feed), bringing high profits to businesses/raiders, creating new start-up opportunities for local businesses and a number of other benefits. Therefore, CNC application is an inevitable trend of the livestock industry of the world in general and Vietnam in particular.


GREENSCEPT-Disinfectant Water

Greenscept water is generated from the electrolysis of table salt or physico-chemical to create HClO solution. Greenscept, is a strong antiseptic solution capable of cleaning and cleaning bacteria, fungi, viruses effectively.


ANIMAX-Feed supplement

Derived from volcanic ash, applied TMA impact technology, nanoscaled, micronized and electrically activated. The main ingredients are natural minerals including Silicon, aluminum, Magnesium...

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