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Foliar fertilizer


From Natural Volcanic Sediment


Calcium (Ca): 38.5% ; Magnesium (Mg): 0.58%


  • Increased photosynthesis in turn leads to enhanced metabolic processes in the plant.

  • Increase productivity and quality of agricultural products: increase sweetness, increase the percentage of firm seeds, increase the rate of grade 1 agricultural products.

  • Helps to harden the tree, prevent falling, increase the plant resistance to adverse conditions.

  • Green, thick leaves, increased flowering, setting fruit, nourishing fruit, limiting drop of young fruit.

  • Certified for Organic Farming by FiBL - Organic Research Institute


Mix PGP foliar fertilizer with water at the rate of 0.3-0.5%; Use 1 pack of 1kg mixed with 200-300 liters of water, or use a measuring cup for a 16-20 liter sprayer, with an average large area of 3kg/ha/time of spraying mixed with 600-900 liters of water. The best time to spray PGP Foliar Fertilizer is early morning or cool afternoon. Avoid direct sunlight.

- Cucumber:

The amount of fertilizer 10kg/ha/crop. Spray the first time when the plant grows 3-4 leaves, then spray periodically every 15 days.

- Greentea:

The amount of fertilizer is 6-9 kg/ha/crop. Spray the first time 3-5 days after harvest, then spray periodically every 12-15 days.

- For short-term crops (rice, corn, vegetables): Spray periodically every 15-20 days, about 3-5 times/crop.

- For perennial plants: Spray for the first time when the plant has new shoots, the stage of flower differentiation and the young fruit stage, about 3-5 times/year.


Increase yield & quality of crops

Green, thick leaves, hard branches, anti-falling fruit

Increased resistance to adverse conditions

Plantagreenpower (PGP) particles with microscopic size pass through the stomata, microscopic interstitial cells on the leaf surface, penetrate the cell membrane. Through physico-chemical reactions, the microscopic PGP particles become super-absorbable by plants, participating in promoting the synthesis of plant compounds, especially through photosynthesis, leading to increased energy. yield and quality of agricultural products significantly.

With micronutrients in the form of super-absorbable to plants, PGP helps plants grow better, clearly shown by green, thick and glossy leaves, stiff branches, increased resistance to falling and anti-fruit drop.

Special particularly, when plants are enhanced with metabolic processes, plants are more resistant to adverse conditions such as drought, cold or pests.

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